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Coastal migration map of the European marine areas (e.g. Baltic Sea, the Greater North Sea, the Celtic Sea, the Iberian Coast, Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea within EU waters) at 1: 250 000 scale. The map is collated and harmonized from coastal migration information within the EMODNET-Geology project. When no recent generalized coastline migration data were available, the coastal erosion layer from the EUROSION project ( has been used. The attributes are: no nomenclature, aggradation probable documented, erosion probable locally confirmed, erosion probable generalized to almost the whole segment, aggradation probable locally confirmed, aggradation probable generalized to almost the whole segment. These attributes are copied directly from the EUROSION coastal erosion layer. In EMODnet Coastal Behavior extra attributes have been added which are erosion (coastline retrogradation, accretion (coastline progradation, stable (imperceptible change). The criterion for stable coastline is 0.5 meter net change per year over a 10-year period. Other fields like migration rates, volume changes are not mandatory. When no information is available for these fields the attribute “Nda” has been used (no data available). Accurate explanation of other fields will become available in future. This final version was produced August 1, 2016.

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